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The King and Queen of my Palette

From the 11 February 2016 entry in my studio journal:

I discovered, while mixing colors on my palette tonight, that I had unconsciously anthropomorphized the color Quinacridone Red as the queen of my palette. I love this color!

And in a nanosecond all these thoughts and feelings rose to consciousness:

Queen of the palette! What phraseology. Why "queen"? Why not "king" of the palette?

If she's the Queen, who's the King? Dioxazine Purple. I really like this color. No question, this is the King. Male.

So does this mean that Quinacridone Red is Female? Yes, I guess it does mean that. "Queen". But I don't think of the Queen as subservient to a King. She's a reigning monarch. That's Quinacridone Red.

What do I think today about that journal entry?

They are still the King and Queen, but Indanthrone Blue has become a very predominant Prince of the realm. And Naples Yellow Reddish is by far the most dominant Princess of the territory.

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